Dear VMS membership,

You are invited to join an urgent CMA dinner meeting: 


If CMA Members Are Disenfranchised, Will $3B Be Lost?

A Virtual Discussion with:

Vancouver Medical Association, Westminster Medical Association and Victoria Medical Society

D a t e : T h u r s d a y  A u g u s t  5 , 2 0 2 1
T i m e : 6 :00 p m – 7 : 0 0 p m
L o c a t i o n : Z o o m

Meal Vouchers will be offered to the first 33 guests from each association

PLEASE RSVP TO: [email protected] 



Dr. Richard Merchant – President WMA <[email protected]> wrote:

This is a call for your attention to an Extraordinary General Meeting of the WMA, VMA, & Victoria Medical Society.

The Canadian Medical Association is in disarray. Only 64% of Canadian physicians choose to join – in 2018 there were 57,300 and remarkably by 2019 that number had fallen to 44,500! If proposed changes to the CMA board are accepted, things are about to get a lot worse!

The secret sale of MD Management to the Bank of Nova Scotia was presumably responsible for much of the loss of members initially – that action was widely unsupported and criticized by members.  The presumed benefit to doctors of ~$3 billion to invest into membership benefits and objectives has been quite invisible.

Now what?  Under the guise of “Building on our commitment to inclusivity, we are proposing new governance measures to achieve equity and diversity in our presidency, at our board and committee tables, and in our other leadership positions”  the leadership is proposing significant changes to CMA leadership. A number of changes are proposed here:    basically the CMA is proposing  to take under itself the process of selecting Board of Directors, committee, and ‘other leadership position” members, through a new and small committee which will completely control the process.  The CMA membership itself would have no role in this process.  Inequity and a lack of diversity in leadership is widely recognized as an issue across society – however effective change must remain associated with membership engagement and the principles of democratic process.

The CMA General Council has been a body which introduces and debates motions to guide the CMA leadership in developing policy – the B.C. members and the BCMA/DoBC have been leaders in this process for many years.   This year, and likely to be institutionalized, the CMA will have no significant General Council process – very convenient for a leadership that would like to avoid controversy.

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