VMS Mandate

The mandate of the Victoria Medical Society was originally outlined in the BC Societies Act of 1918, and was revised in 1989. Our mandate is as follows:

  • To promote good health and act as an advocate on health issues.
  • To promote good and appropriate medical practice in accord with the Code of Ethics.
  • To promote the good name of medicine.
  • To promote continuing medical education.
  • To promote fellowship and good relations within the profession and with the public.
  • To help, as much as possible, any member in distress from any cause.
  • To advocate for any doctor or group of doctors subjected to injustice; and to mediate,
    when requested, in disputes and differences between local medical groups or individuals. The functions of mediation and advocacy do not apply to any case under the jurisdiction of the College of Physicians & Surgeons of BC.
  • To cooperate with the BCMA, CMA and College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC.

The Victoria Medical Society (VMS) has been providing services and assistance to the local medical community and the general public for over 100 years.

The office operates and provides its services on a limited budget through funds provided by membership dues. It is a valuable resource to physicians, health care facilities and the general public.

Membership Benefits

As a member, some of the many benefits you will enjoy include:

  • Social functions for couples
  • Family events
  • Continuing education seminars
  • Representation on the Regional Medical Advisory Committee
  • Physician Support Programme

On a business level, your office will also benefit. If your office is looking for a doctor’s address in another part of the country, we can help. Don’t spend money on advertising in the local newspaper for a new MOA — we keep resumés on file. Lists are available for Greater Victoria doctors’ names, addresses & fax numbers at no charge.

Also available are lists of GPs doing locums. We can answer such questions such as: Where a patient’s records are when a doctor retires or leaves the city; who is taking new patients; to whom a maternity patient might be referred.

These services are available to members only.

As a VMS member you can advertise in our Newsletter (e.g. office space for sale, ski condo for rent).

The VMS also provides an opportunity for members to meet socially at dinner meetings, the annual Christmas Dinner, Listerian Oration and the Annual General Meeting.

The Society provides a forum to discuss issues of the day and to meet with colleagues on an informal basis.

Apply to become a Member of the Victoria Medical Society today!

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